Red Light Therapy Stand

Red light therapy panels are devices that emit red and near-infrared light to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. This type of therapy has been used to treat a variety of conditions, including skin disorders, pain management, and wound healing. Red light therapy stands typically consist of a stand with adjustable height and multiple light panels that emit the therapeutic red light. Users can lie down or stand in front of the red light panels for a certain amount of time to receive the benefits of the red light therapy.

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ShineNova is a red light therapy stand manufacturer and supplier in China, we export floor, vertical, and horizontal stand for LED red light panels and devices

  • Image 1 Model: Vertical stand
  • Image 2 Model: Horizontal stand
  • Image 3 Model: Floor stand
  • Image 4 Model: Table stand
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Red Light Therapy Stand Specs

Stand Color White or Customize Black
Stand Material Iron and Steel
Swivel 360 Degree
Vertical Stand Size Length:32″(815mm), Width: 28.3″(720mm), Height Max:55.1″(1400mm) Min:31.5″(80mm)
Vertical Stand Weight 7.9KG / 17.4LBS
Horizontal Stand Size Length:32.8″(835mm), Width: 28.7″(730mm), Height:53.9″(1370mm)
Horizontal Stand Weight 8.6KG / 18.9LBS
Floor Stand Size Length:13.2″(335mm), Width: 12.8″(325mm), Height:4.9″(125mm)
Floor Stand Weight 1.8KG / 3.9LBS
Warranty 1 Years

Package Includes

  • 1. Stand
  • 2. Fasteners

Customizable items

  • Stand Color
  • Stand Logo
  • Package

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